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Fiore di Capra   
Grade A raw goat milk and goat milk products for Arizona since 2006!  Your choice for the freshest raw goat  milk, handcrafted, artisanal fresh and aged goat cheese, goat milk yogurt and other goat milk products!  

Goat Cheese
Fresh and Aged Goat Cheese


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Mold Ripened Chevres are aged at least 2 weeks before sale.  We offer them in plain, ash coated, savory, smoked parika, green peppercorn and creme de cassis. 

A great choice when you want something with more depth of flavor

A wedge placed atop a salad makes a beautiful presentation.
$5-$7 each

Goat Milk Feta-Raw

Raw brine ripened Feta is great crumbled on salads, pizza, potatoes, rice or vegetables.

5 oz tub $6.00

Queso Fresco-seasonally

A firm, soft slicing cheese that melts well for quesadillas or pizza. Also great on it's own for a snack.  Made in plain or jalapeno.

$5.00 per 6 oz wedge

Marinated Chevres-our best sellers!
We offer six flavors of our creamy
chevre marinating in a blend of Olive and Canola oil with herbs and spices.  Sun-dried Tomato with Pine Nuts, Artichoke and Grilled Sweet Peppers, Jalapeno-Garlic, Herbal Peppercorn, Spicy Habenero, and Mediterranean with Olives.

11 oz. $8.00 each
Choose a delicious layered Torte for a party  or get together with friends.   Flavors include our Award Winning Cranberry-Orange-Walnut dessert torte, Sun-Dried Tomato and Pesto or Peppadew- Artichoke.  Our tortes weigh over 11 ounces and make a great appetizer.

$8.00 each
Chevre logs are 4 oz. portions of our plain chevre coated with your choice of Tuscan Herb, Pepper blend, Smoked Paprika, Organic Chives or Pecans.

$5.00 each

Chevre Spreads include Plain, Roasted Garlic and Chive, Herbs de Provence, Organic Basil and Olive Oil, Roasted Red Pepper and other seasonal flavors. 

Great spread on a bagel, with crackers, melted over vegetables or meat, or used as a dip for vegetables.

6 oz. tub $6.00 each
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